Untitled Too (Poetry Collection)

It doesn’t hurt because you don’t love meIt doesn’t hurt because I love youIt’s not the thought of you without me or of me without you that gets me; it’s the way my heart seems to sometimes stop beating when I don’t see youIt’s not the empty space on the five hundred thread count that... Continue Reading →

Head over heels (Conversations Collection)

“When you think about it, the phrase head over heels, it  doesn’t actually make any sense.” “What do you mean?” “Well, it’s used to describe feeling topsy turvy right? Not in control. Confused and all that?” “I suppose.” “What do you mean ‘you suppose’? It’s a fairly simple question that can be answered with a... Continue Reading →

Memory or Myth (Conversations Collection)

“Hey, is it normal to be able to remember anything from when you were 5 years old?” “What? Can you?” “I remember some things “ “Lies! Tell me one thing you ‘remember’ that can actually be verified.” “Well… I remember falling asleep at the toilet once.”  “We’ll circle back to your lawsuit against the Department... Continue Reading →

Brother zoned (Conversations Collection)

“He literally said those words? In that order?” “Yup. I was sitting on my couch, holding my wine with the phone on speaker. Almost dropped the glass!” “Say it again. What he said .. slowly this time. I don’t want to miss a single syllable.” “‘I’m tired of seeing you with these random guys who... Continue Reading →

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